Additional Titles by JC Farris

Fundamentalism to Faith: Memoirs of a Recovering Free Will Baptist

Both a spiritual memoir and a raw confession, this book may be one of the most honest books you will ever read. Intertwined with poetry, prose, and hymns, this narrative will surprise you again and again. Join the author as she recounts an unexpected journey from growing up trying to be good enough for God, to hating herself amid depression and fear, love and loss, life lessons, and discovery. This is a story of animated, and sometimes angry discussions, between Human and Creator. It begs the question, "Why did you make me this way?" While she calls herself "one of God's most irritating children", the author will leave you with a new appreciation of how raw, painful honesty can lead you to experience grace and mercy in a way you never felt before. Once you have, you will want to share it with the rest of the world.

Cathedral of the Divine: Pagan Poetry and Prose

A celebration of Nature. Envisioning the Divine as both Mother and Father, Goddess and God, Mother Earth and Father Sky. Join in the poetry of JC Farris and be caught up in peace, stillness, and harmony that you may have never considered before.

Chronicles of the Insane: The Poetry and Prose of Mental Illness

IIn her own authentic poetic style, JC Farris pulls you into her mind to experience the thoughts of one living with mental illness. Although sometimes painful to read, the absolute honesty will make you think twice about the battles going on in the people around you and make you more empathetic in the process. If you are one living with mental illness, you will know that you are not alone.

Grace Rain Down: The Transformation of Faith in Poetry and Prose

Faith is something living. It is always growing and changing. Join the author as she explores her own faith and tries to understand the concepts of grace and mercy and what is expected of us as children of the Divine.