Meet the Author

After graduating with a degree in Psychology in 1993, JC Farris realized that her skills were more suited to working with animals and their people. During that time, she worked as animal cruelty investigator, veterinary technician, professional pet sitter, animal rescuer, and certified euthanasia technician.  She also continued her education in animal nursing while living in California.  In 2012 she retired to focus on operating Tiny Paws Sanctuary for Special Needs Animals.
JC Farris is a child of Appalachia, having grown up in the hills and valleys of Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee. After years in New Orleans and Southern California, she returned to Upper East Tennessee. JC grew up with faith being a large part of her life, and though it has transformed and evolved, her faith in the Divine remains strong.
JC tackles many subjects in her books and blogs including animal care, faith, mental illness, and living a frugal life. With the exception her books of poetry and children's stories, she is primarily a non-fiction writer.
She seeks to break down the complicated into simple terms and connect with her readers with raw honesty and a dry Appalachian wit.
The author lives what she writes, and writes as she lives...simply, openly, and perfectly imperfect.
To hear a radio interview with JC on "Religion for Life", click the photo below: