Tiny Paws Sanctuary for Special Needs Animals

Tiny Paws Sanctuary is located in Church Hill, TN . We specialize in caring for animals with special needs, particularly those who have been damaged by past abuse and/or neglect.  We also serve as a hospice for animals nearing the end of their lives.  We generally care for 25-30 animals at one time. Our endeavor is one of love, patience, and routine with the cornerstone being our belief in the power of pack love; that is the ability for the pack to bring emotional healing to one another.

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If you would prefer to donate directly toward the cost of Tiny Paws' veterinary expenses, you may call with your credit card or  make checks payable to
Mt. Carmel Pet Hospital
204 Main St W,
Mt Carmel, TN 37645
or call 423.357.4221.
Please mention Tiny Paws Sanctuary in your correspondence.
You may also send donations to:
Tiny Paws Sanctuary
PO Box 2310
Church Hill, TN 37642