From the author who brought you the cost-saving methods in Secrets of a Vet Tech, comes a resource no pet parent or animal rescue should be without.  
Learn the art of proactive pet parenting that can, not only help you save money, but improve the quality and longevity of your pet's life. 
Locked within its 52 chapters, you will find well-researched revelations concerning concerning pet nutrition, vaccinations, heartworms, animal behavior, and more. Acquire the knowledge and confidence to respond to emergencies and recognize illness.  
The research is done for you in concise and informative charts. Compare the cost of popular flea and heartworm preventatives or study about the use of over the counter and prescription medication. Learn how to chose a quality veterinarian and how to work together with the veterinary staff to create a health-care team for your pet. Master the steps of the Pet Exam Train (PET), a common sense, at-home exam, that teaches you what is normal for your pet so you can quickly recognize the abnormal. 
Not limited to dogs and cats, this reference discusses the care of exotics, including proper habitat and illnesses. Secrets of a Vet Tech II offers animal shelters and rescues new ideas and resources to better utilize donations, and by doing so, save more animals.  
This easy to use reference is written with frankness and clarity that teaches that, even in the toughest times, the interest of the pet is still obtainable. 
JC Farris, a former animal cruelty investigator and vet tech, operates T.Paws Rescue & ARFanage, an assisted living facility for senior pets, and a forever home for pets damaged by abuse. Proceeds of the sale of Secrets of a Vet Tech I and II help support the rescue.


​Making it possible to keep your pet during hard economic times


What are readers Saying?


"Secrets of a Vet Tech" is an honest, engaging, and thoroughly informative read! The author doesn't pretend that any of the approaches she sets forth are first-line veterinary protocol, only viable options when cost or other circumstances limit your choices. None of us is exempt from the slings and arrows of the current economic climate, and this book shows you how to care responsibly for the wee ones in the face of tight finances. Farris' common sense approach to pet care on a shoestring is long overdue. The information is easy for a novice to understand, and sources are well cited. Any one tip could easily recoup the cost of the book, which is a real bargain to start with. Thumbs up!     ~Shelley K.
Very well written with a poignant introduction, very informative, very common sense approach. This book is a must read, and can be used as an invaluable reference guide. It seems much research and experience have gone into this work. Includes general and preventive care as well. Using any one of these tips will more than cover the cost of purchase, and some info could actually save your pet's life. Highly recommend. ~Mike B.