Secrets of a Vet Tech (Autographed)

In this book, J.C. Farris reveals how to take care of your pet when finances are a huge concern. A vet tech caring for 25 of her own rescue animals, she chronicles all her knowledge and methods including:

1. Heart worm prevention for pennies a month
2. Flea prevention using safe name brand products for about $1 per pet
3. Tapeworm treatment for $5 less per pill than usual
4. Creating a pet medicine chest...what products to buy, where to get them cheapest, and how to use them
5. Where to get financial assistance for your pet
6. The #1 way to save TONS of money on vet bills
7. The surprising truth about long they really last and when they can be detrimental
8. The honest truth about pet food
9. The three step secret to flea prevention
10. Lab tests that can be done at home
11. Doing your own home pet physical exam
12. Common illnesses and common treatments
13. Inexpensive methods of taking care of your pet in winter
14. Cost saving secrets to caring for your pet birds, small animals, pocket pets, and reptiles
15. The secrets to getting the most out of your vet visits
16. Simple explanation of vet tests and procedures and where to focus your pet dollars
17. Things about euthanasia you may have never known from a euthanasia technician. Making the transition peacefully